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9 Useless Car Parts You Can Do Without

Cars are complex machines that come with a variety of parts. Some of these components, like the engine, brakes, and tires, are essential for keeping your vehicle running. But other car parts are designed to do nothing more than look good or provide minor convenience features. In this blog post, we’ll be looking at 9 useless car parts you can live without.

useless car parts

Spare Tire Cover

Unless you have an older vehicle that comes with a full-size spare tire, chances are your vehicle comes with a small “donut” spare tire that won’t fit in the wheel well when not in use. To remedy this issue, many car owners buy a spare tire cover to keep it out of sight. However, unless you’re concerned about the aesthetics of your car’s trunk area, this is one component you can do without.

Windshield Washer Heater

In cold climates where temperatures drop below freezing during winter months, some cars come equipped with windshield washer heaters to prevent the fluid from freezing on contact with the windshield glass. Unless you live in an area that experiences extreme cold temperatures for extended periods of time (like Alaska), this is an unnecessary component that will add extra cost to your purchase price or repair bill should something go wrong.

Seatbelt Minder

This feature requires drivers and passengers to buckle up before they can start their vehicles by alerting them if they don’t buckle their seatbelts after turning on the ignition switch. While it might be worthwhile for parents who want to make sure their kids always wear their seat belts when driving around town, most adults probably don’t need this feature as they’ll remember to buckle up anyway without any reminders!

Spark Plugs

This one might surprise you, but spark plugs don’t actually need to be replaced regularly. Spark plugs should only be replaced if they are worn out or broken – otherwise they don’t need any special attention. In fact, replacing spark plugs too frequently can even cause damage to your engine over time! So if someone tells you that your spark plugs need replacing every few months or so, chances are they’re trying to rip you off!

Rearview Mirror Compass

Many cars come equipped with rearview mirrors that have built-in compasses which are supposed to help drivers navigate by displaying cardinal directions such as North and South along with temperature readings and time displays. However, since most people now use GPS devices or their smartphones for navigation purposes these days, having a compass installed in your rearview mirror isn’t necessary and only adds extra cost onto your vehicle purchase price or repair bill if something goes wrong with it down the road!

Carpeted Floormats

Most cars come standard with carpeted floor mats which may look nice but offer little protection from dirt and moisture buildup inside your car’s cabin over time. If you want better protection against dirt and grime buildup in your car’s interior then consider buying rubber floormats instead; they’re much easier to clean off when needed!

Air Filters

Air filters are often considered an essential part of vehicle maintenance, but this simply isn’t true. As long as your engine has enough air flow, the filter doesn’t really matter that much. The only time an air filter needs to be changed is if it is clogged with dirt or debris. Otherwise, the filter isn’t doing much more than taking up valuable space under your hood.

Oil Filters

Unlike air filters, oil filters do have an important role in keeping your engine running smoothly – however, they don’t need replacing nearly as often as some people would have you believe. Professionals recommend changing your oil filter every 5-10 thousand miles (or 8-16 thousand kilometers) depending on the type of oil being used and other factors such as driving conditions and vehicle age. And even then, many experts suggest changing them far less frequently than that!


Another one of the 9 useless car parts that bring almost no value us the Thermostat. Thermostats are also often thought of as essential components in every vehicle’s engine – but this simply isn’t true either! While thermostats control the temperature of the coolant going through the engine – allowing it to reach its optimum operating temperature. They don’t necessarily need to be replaced regularly like some other parts do. In fact, unless there’s something wrong with yours (like a leak or a blockage) there’s no real reason why you should replace it at all!

While cars may come equipped with a variety of components designed for looks or convenience features rather than actual function, there are still 9 useless car parts included in any modern automobile such as headlights, fuel tanks and brake systems just to name a few! It’s best to weigh the pros and cons before deciding whether certain components are worth investing in or not–after all nobody wants an “unnecessary” expense! Whether you’re looking for more efficient driving performance or better looks for your ride-you can find what you need without breaking the bank by focusing on those components that actually add value to your car instead of ones that only provide marginal improvements at best! If you want to sell your junk car for parts in Tampa then give us a call! We will be sure to give you the best quote Guaranteed!